Photo-imaging with Nikon 1 30-110mm f3.5-5.6

Mini -Intro
Last March (2014) I have decided to “flush again” my entire photo taking system which is part of a periodical therapy for my mind, my back and my wallet! So I came back with the idea to choose for the second time to purchase a Nikon 1 model, the V2. My first experience with the V1 has given interesting result but I was not really enthusiasm with the handling of the camera.
The Nikon 1 V2 remind me with its odd body form, the design of my old and beloved Nikon F3 HP, an ancient 35mm film camera that have the pleasure to work professionally some years ago (!). But today any digital camera is giving us instant gratifying result.
Of the two lenses composing my present kit, I must admit that I prefer the 30-110mm which is a beautiful lens especially for near distance capturing subjects. Here is some examples.












The Nikon 1 V1: The new "Tintin" camera




Nikon 1 V1: A “Tintin” reminiscence.

In my younger age I was fascinated by the Tintin universe. As a french speaking native person, the Hergé hero was a king of modern model for all the young guys of this era who were eager to discover the world and live new adventures outside their own limited town. At that time we cannot tell that the entire Tintin saga has been written during a very large period of time and furthermore new albums were still coming (We were at the beginning of the sixties).

During one striking episode located in the Tibet, Tintin was using what seem to be a Leica rangefinder equipped with an add-on bulb flash. In fact it was probably a Voss Diax rangefinder model produced around 1952-56.


That combination later inspire Leica to produce a special compact Minilux model edition with engraving and accessories. I have the honor to use one of those during a German trip to the Solms factory in 1997 and this small 35mm camera was working perfectly well.


When I have first seen the new Nikon 1 V1 it has remind me suddenly those recent and less recent souvenirs. So I could not resist to buy the Nikon 1 model with the flash and lenses additional accessories. I love the way the Nikon 1 V1 looks with the flash mounted and for my personal experience it has taken very nice pictures.

Here are some examples presented here without any pretentions.