One on One on One: KidCat!

Cats and dogs are the most domesticated animals in this world, and you can retrace cats that have been used as pets (even spiritual) in the very far Antiquity, in Egypt for example. Independent by nature, they can manipulate your mind and let you think that you are their master but the real true is … Continuer la lecture de One on One on One: KidCat!

Simplicity can be digital!

Fujifilm X-H1 / XF 50mm f2 R WRPrelude: Having worked with different Fujifilm X-mount camera models * have teach me that simplicity is still reachable with digital camera devices. The photographic fundamentals stay the same as we can select the basic setting in the same manner as we use to do during the film (analog) … Continuer la lecture de Simplicity can be digital!

Photo-Graphic-Ti !

Graphic subjects have always a strong photographic challenge over the years, the decades and... the centuries!It may be because, in part, photography has been done originally in black and white (before the color event) and the graphic representations were catchier in term of contrast and form than other subjects like humans, animals, etc. It may … Continuer la lecture de Photo-Graphic-Ti !

In color or black and white? A personal bias before everything else.

With the introduction of the digital cameras, many will said that it is now possible to work simultiniously in color and black and white (with the option to edit your final picture output). But for the "ex-analog" photographers like me, this choice between the two traditional photographic rendering have a lot more to do with … Continuer la lecture de In color or black and white? A personal bias before everything else.

2020: the "climatic" year for photography

Things are changing in a very fast manner especially into the environmental context. The demographic pressure of the last two or three decades is pushing profound physical and psychological transformations around and inside us. And we can add without much risk that it will be the same for the years to come.It may be because … Continuer la lecture de 2020: the "climatic" year for photography

Fujifilm X-mount endangered models: please hurry to get one!

Usually I am not be the one who will encourage fast consummation of photo equipment but sometimes you have to push yourself to get profit of the decrease selling price of very fine products that are in process of replacement.In the Fujifilm X-mount line-up, there are at least 4 to 5 models that we can … Continuer la lecture de Fujifilm X-mount endangered models: please hurry to get one!

Less as being more significant?

When the detail is becoming the main subject, photography is getting more subtle and intriguing? The meaning or the iconic content of a picture is truly related to an array of different factors such as the angle of view, the light, the (picture taken) moment, etc. I won’t argue the virtues of all those fundamentals … Continuer la lecture de Less as being more significant?

Straight Photography versus patchwork numérique?

C'est bien là un éternel débat entre les tenants du réalisme inaltéré (pure photographie ou straight photography) et les partisans de l'infinie virtualité créative. Car la photographie a cette particularité depuis son avénement d'être associée sentencieusement comme le témoignage en prise directe d'une objective réalité, ce qu'elle n'est pas puisqu'elle demeure réductrice de l'interprétation qu'elle … Continuer la lecture de Straight Photography versus patchwork numérique?

The Fujinon "reframing" zoom lenses.

There is always be that dilemma of selecting between a classical fix focus lens and a more flexible vario-focal length zoom one. That debate will never end but you can simply look at the optic kit used by everyday photographers (amateurs, enthusiasms or pros) and chances are great that they are using the two categories … Continuer la lecture de The Fujinon "reframing" zoom lenses.

Cubanitas with the Fujifilm X-T20

The Cayo Largo Island has been (and still is) a frequent destination for recharging your frozen batteries affected by our long Canadian winter season.Located south of the main island of Cuba into the Gulf of Mexico, this idealistic place is share by people in search of calm, of nice long white sandy beaches and of … Continuer la lecture de Cubanitas with the Fujifilm X-T20

Hors-Propos: Le déclin de l’intelligence Internet

Avec la nouvelle explosion de la tendance populiste, il fallait s'y attendre: le déclin de l'intelligence "Internet". Et plus étonnamment encore à une vitesse croissante exponentielle. Si bien qu'aujourd'hui nous avons l'impression d'une caricature de ce qu'était le Web il y a quatre ou cinq ans., i.e. avant 2015. Car le point est là où … Continuer la lecture de Hors-Propos: Le déclin de l’intelligence Internet

Un long hiver…

Pour celles et ceux qui vivent en Amérique du Nord et plus particulièrement dans sa région nord-est, l'hiver 2018-2019 est devenue une saison longue, répétitive dans sa froideur et son imposant manteau blanc dé neige très persistant cette année. Bien sûr cela peut paraître poétique pour l'observateur vivant à l'extérieur de cette région mais cela … Continuer la lecture de Un long hiver…

The Fujifilm X-T20: Suffice to say "classical"

It is like old friend that you can rely every time you are coming back to him. Fujifilm have proposed very attaching digital camera models over more than a decade. Today I am still surprise how good their picture quality output has been punchy, detailed and charming. Without speaking their obsession to produce high level … Continuer la lecture de The Fujifilm X-T20: Suffice to say "classical"