The digital photography equipment "plateau"

That can be a very controversial statement but many signs have appeared since the last few years that digital photography equipment development have in fact reached a plateau. First the manufacturers have pace down their previous and frantically rate of new product introduction. Secondly the technically changes are more subtile and for some model almost inexistant. Third 😉 many photobloggers have retrofit their own camera bag with less spectacular and  less recent products (which my case obviously…) And finally it seems that the next Photokina edition will be quieter than expected.

Is it the end of traditional digital photography? Absolutely not but it is surely the end of the web domination by the pixel peepers replaced by the real users that are loving to do photography. Suffise to look at the different « photo » forum to see that those insatiable trolls are now turning around finding anything to bite.

What is highly interesting today is the new commitment of the big photo web sites to the learning and experimentation of the fundamental of photography articles and helping more and more to diffuse it. So equipment discussion is leaving place to a more cultural interaction of the medium.

There will be always a place for photo equipment reviews and their use illustration but I hope that it will be more related with real picture taking situations and be more oriented with final image results on an artistic point of view. At the end the subject is the essence of photography and the real purpose of the medium.

Good photo!