Photographic (human) uncertainty

Wind-Blow-Over-The-World / Fujifilm X-Pro2 & XF23mmF2 WR

We are living in a fragile but resilient world and the recent events tend to prove it without a doubt. When everything is going well, we seem to fell fully confident of your invincibility but when the things are starting to get wrong, this self-assurance can be blown away replaced by fear and disbelief.

Two weeks ago, I was preparing myself for a short two weeks pause into my favorite island of Cayo Largo in Cuba with no any real concern regarding the global Mondial situation. Yes, at that point of time (Beginning of March 2020), there is some concern about a pandemic evolution of the Covid-19 but still the scale of the global menace was not clear and most of us were acting as usual. In those two little weeks, blinded into my faraway place, everything has changed and generated an outstanding new situation in every way.

Uncertainty has replaced our unconcerned behavior. We are now astonished by the utmost frailness of our society, our entourage and our own life. In that context, is there a photographic (human) testimony that we can create and perpetuate to the ones who will follow us? Because at the end photography may survive us and document those others whom will take the relay of our social community.

Life is a strange thing. She can appear and disappear in a flash on time. Life can produce a moment of time that look eternal in photographic terms but will dematerialized in a very brief time. As a photographer we want to register at least a more durable trace of it. In our mind there are so many different images of past that we will love to preserve but we know already that all this will disappears as our time will be past. For us photography is may be the only escape from the emptiness of the remembering future.

Today I sincerely hope that the photographers of this world will understand the fragility of life and be concerned to preserve the most magic moments of it. That is may be the most daring task to do for us.