Simplicity can be digital!

Fujifilm X-H1 / XF 50mm f2 R WRPrelude: Having worked with different Fujifilm X-mount camera models * have teach me that simplicity is still reachable with digital camera devices. The photographic fundamentals stay the same as we can select the basic setting in the same manner as we use to do during the film (analog) … Continuer la lecture de Simplicity can be digital!

Photo-Graphic-Ti !

Graphic subjects have always a strong photographic challenge over the years, the decades and... the centuries!It may be because, in part, photography has been done originally in black and white (before the color event) and the graphic representations were catchier in term of contrast and form than other subjects like humans, animals, etc. It may … Continuer la lecture de Photo-Graphic-Ti !

2020: the "climatic" year for photography

Things are changing in a very fast manner especially into the environmental context. The demographic pressure of the last two or three decades is pushing profound physical and psychological transformations around and inside us. And we can add without much risk that it will be the same for the years to come.It may be because … Continuer la lecture de 2020: the "climatic" year for photography

Life in 16mm (w/Fujinon XF16mm F2.8 R WR lens)

Seeing life with a more wide angle of view is not rare thing but for many it may be a photographic higher challenge compare to the more selective view of a telephoto lens. Yes there is already a lot of landscape (nature or urban) aficionados around the who are producing striking pictures so why limit … Continuer la lecture de Life in 16mm (w/Fujinon XF16mm F2.8 R WR lens)

Fujifilm X-mount endangered models: please hurry to get one!

Usually I am not be the one who will encourage fast consummation of photo equipment but sometimes you have to push yourself to get profit of the decrease selling price of very fine products that are in process of replacement.In the Fujifilm X-mount line-up, there are at least 4 to 5 models that we can … Continuer la lecture de Fujifilm X-mount endangered models: please hurry to get one!

Le Fujifilm X-H1: le boitier "Pro" chez Fuji APS-C

Oserais-je ou n'oserais-je pas? Telle est la question! Il y a mon amour pour les appareils photo compacts (à objectifs interchangeables) et il y a mon ancienne vocation professionnelle, tout cela chez un même aimant de photographie devant Dieu et les hommes. Bref une espèce de quadrature du cercle insoluble. Et cela s'ajoute ma passion … Continuer la lecture de Le Fujifilm X-H1: le boitier "Pro" chez Fuji APS-C