Hard to believe, even a few months ago, that the Fujifilm X-H1, the professional APS-C format X-mount camera with IBIS, is now available at a selling price point of $999 US ($1299 CAN). Already offered since the beginning of 2019 year at a very attractive selling tag ($1299 US, $1699 CAN), this time Fuji surpassed all the odds with no indication (at least for the moment) of a release for an updated version of this pro model.

So what the point for us? I would say that if you are looking to buy an X-T3 or X-T2 models, you should certainly consider seriously the alternative. Because the Fujifilm X-H1 is in my sense the real Pro camera from them that give you not only IBIS but also the ruggedness we are looking for an intense use of a photo equipment.

It is true that the Japan Olympics in Tokyo are around the corner and we can expect something in 2020 from Fujifilm that will probably update the X-H1. But the special opportunity to get the actual version is unique especially combined with the grip and maybe an additional lens. And we know that Fujifilm is caring about its customers by issuing frequently useful updated of their models.

So what\’s preventing ourselves to have access to such a high profile product? It is now a moderate affordable option…