If you like compact cameras, surely you have a certain fascination with all the accompanying lenses that are small in size. Several models of Fujinon lenses from the X series meet this criterion. They are discreet but remain eminently mastered optics. We can cite the Fujinon XF16mm F2.8 R, XF23mm F2 R, 35mm F2 R and finally, the subject of this article, the XF 50mm F2 R.

The Fujinon XF50mm F2 R WR is a small telephoto lens that displays a modest 1.5X magnification compared to our normal vision. This means that its visual field remains quite large, around 32 degrees, and can be assimilated to an almost standard optic. Its minimum focus distance of 39cm is not particularly spectacular but may be suitable for close-up photography of normal-sized subjects. Like many Fujinon X-series lenses, the XF50mm F2 R WR features a marked aperture adjustment ring and a well-sized focus ring. Finally, a small lens hood is provided with the lens and the diameter of the filter-accessory front ring is 46mm.

Despite its mini-telephoto status, the XF50mm F2 R WR shows surprising versatility in terms of subjects. Of course, like any lens with a fixed focal length, you will need to show greater mobility to ensure your final framing. However, its selectivity increases (compared to its similar XF16mm, XF23mm and XF35mm) and facilitates the emphasis of your main subject from its context.

The Fujinon XF50mm F2 R WR is very suitable for the use of a more compact Fujifilm body of the X-M and X-E and X-T10 / 20/30 series. Even with a larger camera body, you will find the pleasure of handling a lighter and less prominent camera-lens combination.

Regarding its optical performance, the Fujinon XF50mm F2 R WR meets very well the requirements of the most recent sensors used in models with a definition of 24- or 26-megapixels image sensors. The color rendering of the lens fits perfectly with those of the other X series lenses, the distinction being made mainly on the compression properties specific to a small telephoto lens.

Fujifilm categorizes the XF50mm F2 R WR as an attractive lens especially for portraiture and low-light shooting. It is indeed almost a common place for this type of lenses, but I consider this classification a little too limiting. And for some photographers, I remain convinced that the XF50mm F2 R WR could be their preferred optical companion. This phenomenon is reminiscent of the Leica Summicron-M 75mm F2 APO in 24X36mm analog-film format although they are using two very different manufacturing technologies.

The Fujinon XF50mm F2 R WR is another small optical gem in Fujifilm’s X series lens lineup. So why go without it because it is not only affordable in terms of the selling price but above all it is a fun and first-rate creative tool.
(First french version published in April 2019)