The Fujifilm X-E3: The last (and beloved) compact photographic Swiss knife of the Fuji X-E family !

Not long time ago, Fujifilm have seemed to confirm the cessation of the X-E series (X-E1; X-E2; X-E2S and X-E3 models) and many X-E photographers were very disappointed by this decision. The Fujifilm X-E series, although that some reviewers were never able to appreciate it, was a kind of cult among its faithful users over the years. With the latest X-E3 model, the series has reached a certain maturity mainly because it reunites the compactness exigence with the technical performance requirements.

For sure, the X-Pro series has been and still is the pro reference for the rangefinder style digital camera models from Fujifilm, but the X-E ones were and still are appreciated for their lighter camera body and their more discrete presence. If you are a travel, street or casual photographer, you can attest of their versatility and their very capable functionalities.

This is the second X-mount model series that Fujifilm will phase down, this first one has been the X-M one. The SLR fashion camera models like X-T3digits and X-T2digits series have now take the lead for the compact Fujifilm representation alongside with the sans-viewfinder X-A models.

Only future will tell us if it was a wise (commercial) decision from them or, more optimistically, if Fujifilm will change its mind and will resurrect the X-E series. Let’s hope for some light in that direction!

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  1. It's a kind of funny commentary on style and branding. Most X-Pro and X100 users admit to pretty much never using the optical viewfinder. But that viewfinder and the look it creates is the only thing that those cameras have over the XE cameras. The XE cameras are therefore the supreme unobtrusive, film camera styled mirrorless cameras. So light and compact for the perfect full-featured mirrorless with interchangeable lenses.The used prices for XE3s will be low at first. And then they'll begin picking up if no replacement comes along.


  2. Thanks for your nice comment and you are right saying that is the perfect time to buy the last brand-new Fujifilm X-E3 units available at a very low selling price and the same can apply as you already mentioned to second-hand units.


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