Can bravery save the APS-C and MFT formats from 24X36 digital sensor format standardization?

Source: Wikipedia

Some recent announcements less spectacular may be more significant that we think, One of those is the forecasted new Panasonic GH camera that will be offered in 35mm sensor format. That future sight is not really pleasant for the APS-C and MFT perspectives on a long term. Actually only higher price point can prevent a strong (and fatal) migration to what it seems the new (!) digital sensor size standard of 24X36mm but already Nikon have clearly stated its intention to extend their camera line-up to less expensive models as it is also intended for their lenses.

So in my view it is a turning point for the traditional photo industry. The manufacturers can produce now bigger image sensors like the 24X36mm ones with virtually unbeatable characteristics especially   for low light sensibility and reduction in noise. Versatility is another important element in a sense that you need only one type of sensor to fulfill all different tasks. Adaptability is another factor but less revenant that many thinks in fact.

In reality the development of mirrorless cameras is just beginning in that future new standard. Many advancement in terms of design and feature will appear during the next 5 or 10 years to go. Obviously development ressources will be allowed mainly in that direction. For APS-C and MFT sensor format we may now see the last efforts to raffine theirs products for players like Panasonic, Olympus or Fujifilm.

With the introduction of 24X36mm mirrorless models from Nikon, Panasonic and Canon, Olympus is becoming the last player of smaller system size and we can understand that they will inevitably move in the upper direction if they want to survive and not be too marginalized, The APS-C and MFT format recent story was (and still is for a moment) an exciting time that many of us have participeted with enthusiasm and commitment but I can see now that we will one day or another adopt the (re)new 35mm standard.

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