Shallower deep of field does it mean more creativity in photography?

The deepness of … ignorance

You can ask because it is part of a great controversy between the users or defenders of the different sizes of image sensor on the digital market. Am I doing better photography because I have a shallower deep of field ? What is that folly’s argument regarding creativity in photography? I can no more stand the endless discussions about that specific feature into numerous photo internet forums. At a point I am asking myself if somebody there is doing actual pictures at all!

So no fantasy for my part talent will surpass technological limitations or characteristics of the photo equipment. Better than that technology bias will create ultimately specific author signatures as it have been observed in the past. Please do your classical and learn from that. I am so tired by false debate regarding shelled deep of field as the nec of ultra in photography productivity.

Please behave yourself and leave to manufacturers the task to defend their product. Simple like that. And as I repeat every time « Full Frame » is a photo technique available in every size format. If you are not able to produce good picture with a smaller image sensor size I doubt you will be capable to do so in a larger mini format such as 24 X 36mm or even with a medium format.

Stereotype pictures or subjects have always be part of our world of photography. It doesn’t give you the ability to be an outstanding photographer. That is part of your own capacity to produce original picture without a particular relation of the photo equipment used to do so.  Stop the non-sense about digital image sensor. Speak about your subject and expel the technical excuses. Pseudo finest photo equipment will not save your incapacity to create original provocative image. Simple like that.

Yes I am tired of pixel peppers and photo trolls that are literally polluting our Internet universe. Please stay home and leave the fragile real creators to experiment and to expand the photo medium. That is real photography is about.

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