Going back to film is trendy but not particularly practical or futurist!
(Second Personal Splash of 2017!)

Antique Editing Table

Yes we have seen recently a new trendy attitude toward digital photographers proclaiming the return of the traditional film picture support as a growing alternative tool for the future of the medium. As an ex-emerging photo youngster from the film era I am fascinated by the \”discovery\” of those who want to experiment the ancient ways of creating picture expressions. And I fully respect them for creating their original photo projects on that technical base.

Exploring any expression medium can be a very exciting experience whatever if it is an ancient formulation or a contemporary technique. So we cannot discuss the real pertinence to use it or not. It is up to anybody to choose the medium and use it as he wish. No discussion there for sure especially considering the artistic point of view of it. Visual representation is an universal art with many avenues and meaning.

Good Old Artefacts of the Film Era

Photography is part of our modern surrounding by proposing the temporal extension and interpretation of the instant reality. The technical of doing photography have expanded for more than two hundred years.

Now you have to consider the digital revolution that have transformed the production and the diffusion the photographic medium. It is cheap, accessible, easily editable and  more easily shareable.
All these advantages contribute to push photography into new frontiers never imaginable even 25 years ago. Like it or not it transgress every attempt to control its flux to specific audiences. It like music. It is everywhere, every time for everybody with less and less limitations.

This is why the digital revolution of photography is so important. Yes I respect without discrimination every form of art expression and techniques used to do so. But you cannot really pretend that there is a return of evolution to the film era, an era that I have been issued both personal and professionally I must add.

Primitive Color Calibration by Eye Appreciation

Digital is becomed a superior technical way of doing photography at lesser price in term of ressources and processing time. The traditional film have strong limitations that can be properly use as selective options if you intend to do so. But it is still a difficult ways of doing photography and it will ask you a strong effort to apprehend the technique. The learning curve of traditional film photography is intense and often discouraging.

You have to be honest and admit that digital photography is now part of the future evolution of the medium.

Rolls of Pain and Pleasure!