(Photography) On custody!

The photographic passion has been long time associated with exploration, journalism, documentary or simply tourism. We are simply fascinated by the unknown outer world and photography has been a powerful medium that have helped us to discover those farther lands and people. But there’s another important aspect of photography that is interested with a more introspect dimension of ourselves and our surrounding.

We are a small world compare to the vastness of this universe but there is also smaller than us world to observe and macro and micro photography are complete studies by themselves as for every parts, details or segments of our entire surrounding. Everywhere you can observe structures, patterns, designs that can inspiring for the photographer as for every moment to freeze and register for, at least, a short-term prosperity.

Yes, we can be astonished by a beautiful landscape, but emotion is not only dedicated for the larger view of our planet. We know already that face expression for example can provoke profound emotional reactions. Small things can generate large effects.

We need some simplicity to better understand and evaluate the complexity of things. Each element of this great aggregate can play an important part of the total symphony of life. Translate in photographic words, it may mean that « detail » photography, « fragmented » landscape or « partial » portraiture are precious helps to understand the interaction of the whole traditional ad completed picture. The image micro-management is also a skill and an art by itself. It represents an interpretation of the subject that propose the looker to concentrate his/her attention to critical details rather than letting the eye travel into the picture in search of a meaning or a general impression.

« Show something » has been always perceived as the original task of photography. For sure « How to show it » is another important element of this photographic approach of a subject. This is why in this time of more confine context it can be a good opportunity to focus more on specific aspect or detail regarding the subject intended. In one word, turn the situation to your advantage!