The Nikon 1 V1: The new "Tintin" camera




Nikon 1 V1: A “Tintin” reminiscence.

In my younger age I was fascinated by the Tintin universe. As a french speaking native person, the Hergé hero was a king of modern model for all the young guys of this era who were eager to discover the world and live new adventures outside their own limited town. At that time we cannot tell that the entire Tintin saga has been written during a very large period of time and furthermore new albums were still coming (We were at the beginning of the sixties).

During one striking episode located in the Tibet, Tintin was using what seem to be a Leica rangefinder equipped with an add-on bulb flash. In fact it was probably a Voss Diax rangefinder model produced around 1952-56.


That combination later inspire Leica to produce a special compact Minilux model edition with engraving and accessories. I have the honor to use one of those during a German trip to the Solms factory in 1997 and this small 35mm camera was working perfectly well.


When I have first seen the new Nikon 1 V1 it has remind me suddenly those recent and less recent souvenirs. So I could not resist to buy the Nikon 1 model with the flash and lenses additional accessories. I love the way the Nikon 1 V1 looks with the flash mounted and for my personal experience it has taken very nice pictures.

Here are some examples presented here without any pretentions.











Panasonic Lumix LX5: The 2011 Barcelona Experiment

We are always looking for the best small quality camera to bring with you on traveling. This is particularly true when you are visiting crowed urban area like Barcelona in Catalonia, Spain. Even M4/3 format camera seem to be a bit too much big size to fit in your everyday every-use small shoulder bag.
In September 2011 I have finally chosen to go with the Panasonic Lumix LX5 equipped with the optional electronic viewfinder LVF-1. It prove to be a very competent compact camera even considering the obvious exposure limitations and the lost in term of quality of the picture files. The maximum aperture of the Leica zoom lens was very handy in low light situations as for the widest focal setting equivalent to 24mm in classic 35mm film format.

The camera by itself is in fact very compact and controls look fragile at first but they work perfectly throughout my different visits. The LVF viewfinder is a must considering the difficulty to use the LCD screen with strong backlightning but its viewing image overall quality is in the low side to say the less.

Here are some of the results obtained with this LX5 / LVF1 combination. Barcelona is a fantastic place to visit and to stay for a longer time if you want. There are a great variety of activities to do and places to go.



Urban architecture of Barcelona is one of the biggest cultural attraction of the Catalan city.





Barcelona is tightly associated with the work of Gaudi who has mastered many architectural patrimonial building with a very distinctive style such as the Sagrada Familia Cathedral.
Here are some examples of Gaudi realizations:




The ability of using the widest focal setting of the Lumix LX5 give me the chance to present very unique Gaudi interior perspectives.


Confined interior spaces have always been a good challenge for photographer but results can be very rewarding…





I hope you have appreciated this short visit of one of the nicest city in Europe.